Cheese Cutting Guide

Here is The Cheese and Wine Shops recommended Cutting guide, designed to help you get the most from your Cheese selections.
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The art of cutting cheeses

How to cut cheeses

First of all, a fundamental rule: every portion of cheese should contain some of the rind. This will avoid the other tasters from being left out, and also because the taste of the cheese is never always uniform: it gets stronger the closer it is to the rind due to the moulding process on the surface. Discovering the subtleties is part of the pleasure in tasting. This is why you should take great care in always sharing out the rind with the cheese portions.

Small sized cheeses
(eg: camembert, Pont l’Evêque...)

Pyramid or coned shaped cheeses
(eg: Valencay, Pouligny St Pierre...)


Small cheeses
(eg: Cabécou, Crottins...)

Cheeses with a soft pate
(eg: brie ou Coulomiers...)

Cheeses with veins of blue mold
(eg: Bleus, Roquefort...)

Cheeses in a wooden box
(eg: Vacherin or Epoisses...)

Cheeses with a hard pate
(eg: Comte, Devon Oake ...)

Cylibndrical or long cheeses
(eg: Saint Maure, Goats Log...)

Appropriate instruments

The cheese knife, easily recognisable for its two sharp points at the end of a slightly bent blade. Buy Cheese knives here

The grater and special knifes will cut cheeses with hard dough into thin slices and very small pieces.

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Special instrument used to cut hard cheeses, such as raclette cheese, into thin slices.


Guide to cutting a Cheddar Truckle 

How to Cut your Truckle ...

The best way to cut is by using a cheese wire, or if you don`t have one of these to hand, dental floss is an easily obtainable alternative.

Step 1 Inspect your Truckle. If there are any Mould spots, using a clean Paper towel or similar, give the Cheese a good wipe to remove these. Recommend doing this over a tray, and it can collect any scrubbed off material. Discard this, and ensure your area is clean. If in doubt, spray with a food safe anti-bacterial disinfectant before proceeding to Step 2.

Entertaining (Using the Whole Cheese at once) Remove the cloth and cut the Truckle in half; if you want a neat cut, follow the procedure below for scribing and cutting.

Using The Truckle on more than one session; Lay the Truckle down on a clean surface.

Step 2 With a sharp knife; score around the cheese first, around 2.5cm from the top.

Neat Cut ... If you want a neat cut, use a ruler to make "guide marks" every 3 cm around the Truckles diameter. Using a sharp knife, and cutting to a depth of 3 mm, proceed to "scribe/cut" your truckles cloth, joing up the Guide Marks with a neat scribed cut; remember, you just need to cut the Cheese Coth wrap.

Step 3 Using the Cheese wire, or dental floss, place the Wire into the Cut and pull through cleanly. Remove this piece, or "The Lid" and cut around into wedges of your preferance.

Notes; If youre planning on keeping the Truckle and eating it bit by bit, keep the Truckle in its Cloth Coat for as long as possible, only removing a section as needed.

Store in a refrigerator and clingfilm cut surfaces, or apply the cap you removed earlier. If storing for any more than a couple of days, remove the cheese cloth entirely, as this can impart a musty taste to the cheese.