2011 British Cheese Award Winners (3)
See The Cheese and Wine Shops selection of 2011`s champions right here! For more information on the 2011 British Cheese Award winners, click here to visit the official site. (Opens in new window)

All Cheeses

All Cheeses (792)
See all the Cheeses we sell online, from great local Cheeses to seasonal favourites.

Biscuits for Cheese

Biscuits for Cheese (61)
Biscuits to complement your Cheeses and Pates or enjoy just on their own as nibbles. Choose from our extensive selection from leading specialists, including biscuits for cheese in catering and single serve packs, along with presentation boxes. 

From plain biscuits that really let the cheese do the talking, to biscuits with flavours that complement, theres a a cheese biscuit here to suit all tastes!

Blue Cheeses

Blue Cheeses (197)

Local Blues, and those from further afield. Dont forget the crackers and Port!

Blue Stilton Cheese

Blue Stilton Cheese...

Blue Stilton, great at any time of year. Buy Stilton from The Cheese and Wine Shop and enjoy next day delivery. Best Stilton from Cropwell Bishop, Colston Bassett and Long Clawson. From Truckles to gifts, all available for next day delivery! Read more about Blue Stilton here.

Blue Stilton Jars & Giftpacks Available All Year

Blue Stilton Jars & Giftpacks Available All Year (12)
See our selection here of Blue Stilton Jars and gifts available throughout the year.

Blue Stilton Truckles

Blue Stilton Truckles (26)
Buy Blue Stilton Truckles from Colston Basset, Long Clawson and Cropwell Bishop. Blue Stilton is popular year round, and its always a special treat to enjoy a nice slice of Blue Stilton. At Christmas, its an essential, and is especially popular as Baby Truckles here, or packed into Gift Jars here.

Breads to enjoy with Cheese

Breads to enjoy with Cheese (18)
A selection of our Breads that are great, but especially good with Cheese. From Fig and Pecan to Walnut or Rye Sourdough, theres something for all tastes!

Cheese Board Selections

Cheese Board Selections (1)
Cheese and Wine Shop Cheese boards are great for dinner parties or as gifts. Cheese arrives with a Cheeseboard, and simply need unwrapping and serving.

Cheese by Country

Cheese by Country...

View Cheeses by Country here

Cheese by Flavour...

Cheese by Milk type...
Choose your Cheese by milk type, from lovely Goats Cheeses to creamy Cows Milk and tasty Sheeps milk cheeses.

Cheese by Packaging...

View Cheese by packaging; Cloth bound truckles, waxed Truckles and Cut Cheeses

Cheese by Type

Cheese by Type...

Click here to see Cheeses by type. Fresh, Soft, Semi Soft, Hard Cheese, Blue Cheese and Flavored.  

Cheese Cakes

Cheese Cakes (15)
For Celebration Cheese cakes, or for Weddings and big bashes, see The Cheese and Wine Shops range here. Read in detail about The Cheese and Wine Shops Wedding and Celebration cakes here!

Cheese Partners

Cheese Partners...
Looking to spice up your Cheese board? Then look no further! View our range of Cheese partners; from divine biscuits to fresh fruits, jellies and olives. Present your cheeses with a selection of our finest Cheese partners to complement and enhance your cheeseboard. 

Much of this range has been developed with specific cheeses in mind; see our focused list of accompaniments here! 

Cheese Producers

Cheese Producers...
View our Cheeses by producers here. Spoilt for choice, choose from Godminster Cheddar to Quickes, or between Montgommery or Lye Cross and Ford Farm. Theres a wide range of Blue Stiltons, Bries and Camemeberts. 

Cheese Selections

Cheese Selections...
choose your favourite selection from our wide range; these something for all tastes and budgets. Awaiting updates, and until then, please call as we do any combinations from over 100 Cheeses!

Cheese Truckles - All

Cheese Truckles - All...
Whole Cheese Truckles certainly make an impression .... here at The Cheese and Wine Shop choose from a smooth Blue Stilton Truckle, or a sharp, tangy Cheddar, along with Wenslydales amoungst many others.

Cheese Wedding Cakes

Cheese Wedding Cakes...
See our selection of celebration Cheesecakes here. They are ideal for Weddings, Birthdays or as a spectacular backdrop for your dinner party. There is a cake available for all types and size of celebration, budget and personal taste. 

We have made it easy for you to choose as the delicious artisan cheeses have been selected for their excellent taste, texture and compatibility. 

Want to make your own? Create your own unique cheesecake! Please click here to see a selection of Cheese Size and Weight guides.

Cheeses by Size

Cheeses by Size...
Cheddars, Bries and Blues, they are all here, along with some more unusual Cheeses. As British Cheesemakers enjoy a renaissance, there isnt a better time to enjoy Cheeses from our local Somerset Farms, and noteworthy cheeses from further afield.

Clare Mackie The Cheeseboard

Clare Mackie The Cheeseboard (4)
Buy Claire Mackies stylish range of Cheese accessories here. See this wonderful range that includes Cheese Bakers and Boards through to platters and knives.

Condiments for Cheese

Condiments for Cheese (34)
Cheese Condiments; Chutneys, Pickles, Fruits and other items that will enhance your Cheese presentation and tasting pleasure!.


Creams (11)

The Cheese and Wine Shop has a great choice of Creams. From Double to Clotted cream, an essential for a West Country Afternoon Tea, or to accompany an indulgent dessert. The Cheese and Wine Shop, being in the middle of The West Country, has a great selection, from Roddas, Dollop and GF Dairy.

Drinks for Cheese

Drinks for Cheese ...
Looking for what to drink with your Cheddars, Bries and Blues? Here we have drinks to enjoy with these, and all other cheeses. 

Choose from Port, Champagne, or Red and White wines, along with Cider and Beers, all ideal to enjoy with your favourite Cheeses!

Hard Cheeses

Hard Cheeses...

The technique of hard cheesemaking is incredibly varied. A degree difference in milk temperature, methods of cutting the curd, the size of the curd, and so so many hundreds of other factors can equate to a cheese different in style from the next. From Parmigiano-Reggiano, through to a whole world of aged hard cheese from England, Holland, and, of course, Italy. Sublime in a sandwich, grated over pasta, or tucked into an omelet or quiche, any of these would also be a perfect addition to a cheese plate. 

Individual Cheeses

Individual Cheeses (56)
look at our selection of individual Cheeses, from Somerset Bries and Camemberts, to Eposses and Roqueforts. These travel well, and are great for picnics and look good on Cheeseboards.

Lancashire Bombs

Lancashire Bombs (9)
Looking for something special ... something to impress your dinner guests with? Look no further, especially if you like Lancashire Cheese with attitude. click here to view.

New Years Eve Cheeses

New Years Eve Cheeses (37)
New Years eve Cheese selection are here. Catering for a crowd, or want an exquisite selection for a special dinner party, they are here. 

From a celebration Cheesecake to Cheddar and Stilton Truckles, or more intimate Baby Cheddars and Blue Stilton Jars, we have a selection thats just right. 

Pasturised Cheeses

Pasturised Cheeses (349)

Pasturised Cheeses, ideal for young and old, and recommended for women who are pregnant. Its argued that the Pasturisaton process destroys key bacteria that are lost to the cheese maker, so if youre outside the groups above, plonk for a Unpasturised Cheese and enjoy its fuller flavour.


Spring Cheeses

Spring Cheeses (0)
Its Spring, so its less of the bolder, rich cheeses, that are perfect to warm you in winter, and more of the lighter, milder cheeses that are ideal to enjoy on a sunny spring day in the park or on the patio.

In spring, fresh cheeses are particularly mild, thanks to the animals’ diet of tender greens, so assemble a trio of cheeses made from different milks, or showcase two soft, creamy cheeses alongside cherries to celebrate the season. 

A few of our delicious cheeses, that are ideal to enjoy paired with a nice bottle of refreshingly crisp wine along with a tasty selection of our cured meats and marinated olives will give you a treat that you’ll want to take to the park or sit on the patio to eat.   

See our selection of best in-season spring cheeses below.

Stilton Producers

Stilton Producers...
Stilton has quite a history. Tracing its roots back to the early 18th century, and like many foods, the recipe used has changed quite dramatically over the years, and it remains one of the world's best known and much loved cheeses.

Quintessentially English, Stilton has its own Certification Trade Mark and is an EU Protected Food Name.

At Christmas, its an essential festive food, and is especially popular as Baby Truckles here, or packed into Gift Jars here.

Strong Cheeses

Strong Cheeses (6)

View Strong flavoured Cheeses here.

Unpasturised Cheeses

Unpasturised Cheeses (179)

Unpasturised Cheeses, which are full of flavour, but alas nowdays, not advised as suitable for young children, elderly people or for pregnant women, despite being enjoyed by many of these same groups for years!

Unpasturised Cheese are full of flavour, and allow the Cheesemaker to fully explore their craft. Enjoy our selection of fine Unpasturised Cheeses, choose from our wide choice including Bries, Cheddar and Blues!

Whole Cheeses by Sizes

Whole Cheeses by Sizes...

Choose your cheeses by size; useful if building a celebration cake. Also see here for a list of our popular cheeses.