Autumn at The Cheese and Wine Shop

Autumn is the time when we are busy getting ready for Christmas, which is perhaps the most exciting time of the year for all, young and old.

Cheese wise, Vacherin Mont díOr, is now available, and this melting cheese, which is almost soup-like when it is truly ripe is a real treat, so order yours now! (or put it on your list to Santa!)

Autumn is a great season for cheese: aged wheels made with the sweet, grassy milk of summertime are just now coming into their own, and partner perfectly with Apples. (dont forget its Apple Day on 21st October!) Cheddar and Apples (read also Somerset Cider Brandy), are perfect partners, and in the Autumn they are eating at their best!

Other Cheese to enjoy are a classic pairing of a soft, sweet blue cheese like Roquefort with a tart, crisp apple, or a glass of Sheppys Cider.

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Other British Cheeses of note, would be our Cheshire and Caerphilly cheeses, and which again are particularly suitable for eating with the seasonís apples; they seem made for the nutty crunch of new seasonís Worcester or Pippin - a glorious way to finish off a meal as the nights rapidly draw in.

The variety is tempting, since Epoisses, Muenster, Cantal, Roquefort, Brie, and Camembert are perfect just now. In the heart of winter, Vacherin is at its best, and its available now from the Cheese and Wine Shop. Click here to return to The Cheese and Wine Shop home page.